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SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket launching towards space while carrying satellites.

The world is always evolving and so are the many different types of businesses. However, there are some sectors which are evolving faster than others. Let's talk about which ones they are and why they are going to make huge strides in 2020.

One area which will see a plentiful of growth this year is 5G. What makes 5G a big deal? Well, 5G is a major step up from 4G. With 5G you can expect much quicker download speeds and a lot faster communication between devices. It's already incredible how fast the internet is, but 5G will open up many more opportunities. This year many of the cell phone networks will be making 5G the norm, and we will begin to see a surge in performance across all the cell phone network providers. With this will also be the introduction of more phones capable of supporting 5G.

What opportunities will 5G present the world with? To start off the quality of everything will begin to improve. Just a mere 20 years ago there was no way to reliably stream videos across the internet. When Youtube came out it definitely did not serve 1080p or 4K video, and the main reasons for that is because internet speeds were not very quick. Nowadays, cell phones comfortably stream 1080p videos over cell networks. With the introduction of 5G we will see an increase in resolution on many platforms, even social media images. We will see images being processed to higher resolutions as the average load times decrease from more and more people using 5G.

Next up, private space travel. Sound exciting? That is because it is! Virgin Galactic is set to send 500 private tourists to space this year. At the price of $250,000 you can get a near 3 hour ride into space. After 50 miles into space you will also be branded as an astronaut and be among the very few humans who've been in space. Yes, $250,000 is a lot for the average person, but this does not mean that it is not important. With private space travel finally having its first steps, we will begin to see private space travel become more and more common and affordable over the decade. After all, there was a time cars were only affordable for the wealthy.

How will we be powering all the new technologies coming this year? The next industry expected to take off is batteries. Batteries for a long time lacked the explosive growth that computer hardware and software have had. Batteries have always been relatively sluggish and not very efficient. This year batteries might have the boom we've expected, with solid state batteries. Solid state batteries are still very new, but they will definitely be improving drastically this year, although we may not see them in consumer electronics for a while.

And lastly, the next industry expected to have a few interesting changes are mobile phones. Mobile phones might not be getting solid state batteries this year, but they definitely will be getting 5G availability. Phones are also expected to drop in price and become more and more attainable. This is a big deal as many developing countries with high populations will begin to have access to phones with more power. Also, in 2019 foldable screens made an entry into the phone industry. However, they did not do too well. This year companies issuing foldable phones will likely be trying to make a come back.

It is always exciting looking into the future and thinking about what it holds. This year is off to a blazing start and is expected to continue that way. One can only imagine what the world will be like in a decade where we might possibly book our flights to space with our foldable phones, all powered by solid state batteries.

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