The Positive Effects of Gold on Skin

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Jennifer Kassir
A bottle of LA Bodies gold infused face cream overlooking Los Angeles.

There was once a time where gold was used for healing purposes. Since then, there have been many different industries who have received influence by gold and other precious metals. Nowadays, there is a new industry being greatly affected by gold, and that is skincare cosmetics. Recently there has been a surge in the amount of skincare products with gold in the contents. This is not the first time that gold has been used for skincare, gold used to be used for Chinese medicine and was the proclaimed secret to young looking skin. Here are 7 reasons why gold has begun to have a prominent effect on the skincare industry.

1 - Gold reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and spottiness. Skin begins to sag when levels of elastin drop. Gold reduces the breakdown of elastin by activating the basal cells within skin. This helps to restore the elasticity of skin tissue, leading to it being less stretched out.

2 - The ions in gold stimulate cells, nerves, and veins in the human body. This results in better blood circulation. Which in turn helps to increase metabolism of skin cells and secretion of waste. This increase in blood circulation helps hydrate and maintain the moisture of skin as well, leading to clearer looking skin.

3 - Reduce in inflammation. Gold is said to have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as well. The increasing circulation helps more oxygen enter into skin, and this increase in oxygen helps ease inflammation.

4 - Gold slows down collagen depletion. Collagen is naturally produced in your body and is a key player to soft skin. The collagen level in the body starts depleting quicker after the age of 25. After this age, people tend to start noticing negative changes to their skin. Gold can help slow down the depletion of collagen in your skin cells, this is why sometimes gold in skincare is branded as anti-aging.

5 - Treats sun damage. The production of melanin in skin is responsible for the natural tanning characteristics of skin. Focused areas of melanin due to too much sun exposure cause sun damage. Gold has properties which can reduce the production of melanin, which is helpful for healing sun damage.

6 - Gold can be used to treat skin related allergies. The antioxidant properties in gold along with the increased circulation of blood, play a big role in reducing skin allergies. This also has a profound effect on removing acne and leads to healthier looking skin.

7 - Gold is known to improve complexion. When using gold infused skincare, nanoparticles of gold are absorbed into the skin which help give off a visible glow for a short period of time after products are applied.

These are some of the reasons which help explain the increase of gold within skincare cosmetics. Skincare cosmetics is a fast moving industry with techniques and materials used are always evolving. Although gold has had a swift introduction into the industry, it does not appear to be a fad, but rather a change that could help influence the future of skincare cosmetics altogether.

About the author: Jennifer is an associate of LA Bodies, a skincare company based out of Los Angeles. They specialize in skincare, but provide products like body washes and shaving cream as well. LA Bodies also creates their own gold infused face cream.

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